The Registered Office

All UK limited companies must have a registered office address, which is a real address, which must be a physical location in the UK, not a PO Box. It is the address of a company to which Companies House letters and reminders and other official documents, such as forms from HMRC will be sent. The registered company address can be anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland (or Northern Ireland if your company is registered there).

However the registered office need not be a place where the company carries on its day-to-day business. For example, some companies use their formation agent or accountant’s address as their registered office. The directors are still responsible for ensuring their registered office is effective in terms of dealing with all notices, letters and reminders sent by Companies House or other organisations, businesses or individuals. For example, you could receive a legal demand from a creditor and you will need to respond promptly to avoid further action.

We offer a mail only registered office facility for England and Wales for a small annual fee of £75 exc. VAT, for this all Legal Notices, HMRC and Companies House mail which are forwarded to you Free, for all other types of mail you should consider our mail forwarding service.

The registered office is also the location where the registers of the company are available for public inspection, including its register of members (CA2006 S114). If you keep your company registers at a different location other than the registered office you would need to file a SAIL Form (Single Alternate Inspection Location) at Companies House.

If you want we can manage the register maintenance element of the Registered Office Service for you, our licensed Company Secretaries will manage any changes for officers and shareholdings, updating your registers accordingly.  The annual maintenance fee for the secretarial and register service is £100.00 + vat.

These services can be added to your order in the application process when completing the registered office section of the order form and in the additional services tab.
NB This service is a regulated activity under the Money Laundering Regulations forming an ongoing business relationship as such we are obligated to identify and verify the identity of those who own and control the company and monitor activity. We may use electronic verification to perform the verification process. Failure to verify any identities may result in the service being withdrawn.
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Stephen O'Neill is licensed and regulated by the Association of Accounting Technicians to provide services in accordance with license No.443 details of which are displayed at the registered office address. Business Tax Centre Limited is supervised by the AAT for money laundering compliance purposes.