Mail Forwarding Address Facilities

With more people now choosing to work from home, the public information surrounding a company may not be practical whilst maintaining a private life. Our Registered Office service for the company and Service Address facility for the Directors, allows for your residential address to be kept away from the public registers.

For those who want a more complete service, our Mail Forwarding facility for all your business mail, would be a perfect solution for small businesses. Your mail will be handled by our trained Admin staff and forward to you promptly & efficiently. You could order this service while ordering your company registration online.

You can use our address for all business correspondence and we will forward everything to your designated address. Our address is a genuine office location within a large Business Centre, with dedicated mail handling staff. We do not operate imitation ‘mail box’ addresses.

All business mail (excluding parcels) will be forwarded on a daily basis. We have an initial set up price of £100.00 + vat for the service. Thereafter, the price of each item, which includesthe relevant postage and handling fee, is from just 95p per item dependent on size and weight.

This is invoiced and payment collected on a monthly basis through a continuous authority you set up with your card provider. Failure to keep your account up to date will mean we will not send you your mail, and all mail will be returned to sender.

NB This service is a regulated activity under the Money Laundering Regulations forming an ongoing business relationship as such we are obligated to identify and verify the identity of those who own and control the company and monitor activity. We may use electronic verification to perform the verification process. Failure to verify any identities may result in the service being withdrawn.
£18.00 exc.VAT
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£48.00 exc.VAT
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£80.00 exc.VAT
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Professional Complete
£250 exc.VAT
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Stephen O'Neill is licensed and regulated by the Association of Accounting Technicians to provide services in accordance with license No.443 details of which are displayed at the registered office address. Business Tax Centre Limited is supervised by the AAT for money laundering compliance purposes.