Company Director

An officer will be any individual or company who will act as either a director, secretary or shareholder.

A private limited company is required to have at least one director and one member. For a private company at least one director must be a real person rather than a corporate officer only. A private company has the choice of appointing a company secretary or not.

A public limited company must have at least two directors and a secretary, who may be one of the directors and two members.

The directors must manage the affairs of the company in compliance with the clauses in the articles and association and abiding by the law. The secretary is the administrator of the company and is responsible for ensuring proper adherence to the regulations and company policy.

For all the officers & shareholders of the company you will need:-

  • Their full name
  • Directors only – Their previous names they have used in the past 20 years including a maiden name (from 1 October 2009), a second or subsequent marriage name or a change by deed poll.
  • Their usual residential address for the company registers and for the Registrar, these are not available for public view.
  • For Directors’ their Service address for the public registers (From 1 October 2009). Service Address facilities are available for a small annual fee of £40 exc.VAT.
  • Their Date of Birth
  • Their Nationality
  • Their Occupation

For security purposes the day of birth will be suppressed on the Companies House public register. A 'consent to act' check box will be required to be clicked for each director or secretary appointment. All appointed officers will be written to by Companies House confirming the consent.
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