FAQ’s Annual and other filing requirements for a Limited Company

Once your company is formed you can manage it through our ‘company manager service’ accessed through your online portal. You can keep your company details up to date by using the filing portal with Companies House. You can file your annual return, change your accounting reference date, add, resign or amend your officer details; you can even change the company name. Simply select ‘my companies’ pick the required company, then ‘view’ and select which task you wish to perform. Most filings are free, however names change cost £38.00 inclusive of VAT and the filing fee and annual returns cost £19.00 inclusive of VAT and the filing fee.

You will automatically receive a Free email reminder regarding your annual return from our company manager service. We have detailed some of the statutory requirements below to help you to understand the basic requirements.

Is the company required to submit any documents annually?

Limited companies are required to file their annual financial statements and returns with the Companies House before the closing date. Any delays will give rise to penalties. The set of accounts include: -

  • Profit & loss account (income & expenditure account)
  • Balance sheet, signed by the director
  • A directors’ report, signed by the company directors
  • Notes to the accounts
  • Companies classed as small companies may file abbreviated accounts only

The filing date for these accounts is now 9 months from the annual accounting date e.g. accounts for the year ended 31 December need to be filed by the following 30 September

An annual return is required to be filed each year, reflecting current information on the officers and shareholders of the company. The filing fee payable is £13 for electronic filing and £40 for paper based filing.

Does Companies House notify when the accounts and returns are to be filed?

Companies House delivers several letters annually to companies and concerned officials conveying information relevant to the immediate situation. These include deadline notification for submission of various documents and pieces of information that are demanded from companies. The responsibility of maintaining proper records of accounts and returns and filing them on time is on the directors; it is unwise to solely rely on such correspondences. The directors should be aware of the appropriate due dates for each particular event.

All correspondences from the Companies House, Inland Revenue and other government authorities and agencies are sent to the registered office of the company. Make sure that the Companies House has your current office address on record to avoid any inconvenience.

My company is dormant. Do I still have to complete an annual return?

Yes, a dormant is required to submit it a annual return to Companies House detailing the Director(s), company secretary (if one is appointed) and details of the shareholders. Failure to file an annual return is a criminal offence under the Companies Act and is usually punishable by a civil penalty being imposed on the directors.

My company has not traded; do I still have to file accounts?

The simple answer is yes, though you may file a simple statement of dormancy on Companies House, which can be done online through the Companies House portal

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