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Company Registrations UK is the direct to the public arm of Business Tax Centre Limited (BTC), a regulated accountancy firm who offer a range of company and other services supporting the accounting and legal professional in practice.

Forming a limited company with us could not be easier. Our complete, yet simple to use online company formation service carries out your Private Limited Company incorporation customised to your requirements, with you or as the first officers and shareholders. This means that no director or shareholder name(s) other than the ones you appoint will appear on the company registry.

UK Company Registration Agent service
We undertake the same work as the DIY Companies House service; and then include other ‘benefits’ for additional cost depending upon the type of service purchased. These other ‘benefits’ can include:

  • Advanced name-checking using not only the Companies House service but other company data services
  • Registration of companies with sensitive or ‘same as names’, a service not available at Companies House
    Creation of LLP and Guarantee Companies, not available through web wiling.
  • Bespoke non-standard Articles allowing for ‘living wills’ and more flexibility in the management of the company.
  • An additional service could include the creation of a bank account without have to go through the process of an interview or the presentation of a business plan with cash back for a successful account opening.
  • VAT registration can be added to your order
  • Hard copies of documents

Other Benefits of using a Company Registration Agent

  • Full documentation including certificate of incorporation, company registers, copies of Articles
  • No forms to complete
  • Online Help for questions
  • Quick – usually about 3 hours
  • Choice of method of receiving documents – email and hard copies
  • Experienced in correcting user errors
  • Automatic acknowledgement of receipt and process

Company Registrations UK 

We are authorised to file with Companies House through the use of our online technology. Our secure systems have aided many accountant and solicitor clients as well as direct to the public, throughout the UK. We provide fast & efficient company services. Your company formation normally can be completed within 3-6 hours.

When forming your company, make sure it is in the safe hands of a professional……..ours!

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£250 exc.VAT
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Stephen O'Neill is licensed and regulated by the Association of Accounting Technicians to provide services in accordance with license No.443 details of which are displayed at the registered office address. Business Tax Centre Limited is supervised by the AAT for money laundering compliance purposes.